Famous Disney Games

When we referred Disney, kids must be excited. It is the kingdom of fairy tales. There are many classical animation figures which were kept in people’s mind. Except for Mickey and Donald Duck, the Club Penguin also gives deep impression for people. Club Penguin is a massively multi-player online game, which is especially designed for kids of age from six to fourteen. It swept around the world and there are many different versions in different languages. By the time Club Penguin was two years old, it had reached 3.9 million users. From this data, it is not hard to see that this game is really loved by kids. Today I will introduce this game in detail for parents.

As we all know that when parents choose the game for kids, they will consider the safety first. Club Penguin has maintained a strong focus on child safety. If kids want to play the game, they must apply an account and they must fill in the email of parents. And then parents can activate the account by the link of email, so parents can not worry the problem of safety.

Club Penguin is different other games, because it is not only a game. There are also other different mini games in it. Now I will teach you how to play this game. At first, kids need to create their own penguin. They can choose the color they like. At the same time kids need to give their penguin a name. If you choose to pay to become a membership, you can enjoy all the services such as the ability to purchase virtual clothes for the penguins and buy decorations for igloos. After kids’ account was activated, they can begin to play.

There are five suggested servers: white out, slushy, big foot and hot chocolate. There are five different environment and kids can choose any of them according to their mind. When kids enter, there is a map.

Open the map there are four icons: games, places, shops and pets. You can click the icon and there are many choices. If you click the games, there will be many mini games and you can play alone also there are games for two people. That means you can play it with other penguin. There are many different places for your penguin to visit such as ski village, stadium, dojo courtyard and so on. You can enter any of them and to do different task. If you visit shop, first you need money. If you are a fresh, do not worry that you do not have money.

When you register, you will get five hundred coins and when you play the mini games you can get coins. You can by closes for your penguin and also you can upgrade your penguin. If you want to get a pet you can click the pets. You can choose the puffle which is like you. You need to give it a name and if you adopt it, you need to pay money. If you adopt it you can play with it.

For kids if they can play with other kids they must be very happy. Here they can communicate with other online kids. Kids also can see other online penguin. And you can choose emotion for your penguin. At the same time, you can find friends for your penguin.

It is one of the most famous games in the world. Kids enjoy the fun of it and parents are not necessary to worry about their kids’ safety. If you are finding games for your kids, why not you choose Club Penguinclub penguin? I make sure that your kids must love it and maybe you also love to play it.